12 Minute Relaxation Recording

Do you need a short, 12-minute break?   This recording can help you do just that.  While the recording technique was not perfect (It was missing a pop filter), this gives you a sample of William Wood’s voice and guides you through 12 minutes of relaxation.  So sit back, close your eyes, relax and enjoy. […]

Stress Tip: How To Avoid Time Travel

“What motivated you to book an appointment?” I asked on our first visit. She said, “I am a time traveller.” It is not everyday I hear that, so I raised my eyebrows expectantly and waited for her to go on. “I spend about half of my day living in the future, worrying. I spend the […]

Quit Smoking Tips: Put a “Balloon” in Your Belly

I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a smoker standing on the street corner. He took a long drag from the end of his cigarette. Held his breath and then slowly exhaled, and caressed a steady stream of smoke with his lips. He looked totally at peace. Have you ever […]