12 Minute Relaxation Recording

Do you need a short, 12-minute break?   This recording can help you do just that.  While the recording technique was not perfect (It was missing a pop filter), this gives you a sample of William Wood’s voice and guides you through 12 minutes of relaxation.  So sit back, close your eyes, relax and enjoy. […]

What Is Hypnotic Pain Management?

Is Chronic Pain Controlling Your Life? Have you become a slave to pain?  Is it controlling your every thought and preventing you from sleeping at night? Do you want relief? New research shows that when you learn to retrain your brain you can significantly reduce your chronic pain. In a light and easy-to-understand way, this […]

Sleeping Tips: Counting Sheep Keeps You Up Longer?

During final exams in my senior year of high school, I had a hard time getting to sleep. I asked friends and family for advice on how to sleep better and several friends told me I should try counting sheep. Not being interested in math or farming, I never found the appeal in counting sheep […]

I Told Her That Her Dog Might Be Lonely, But Would Sleep Better

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in more than three months,” she sighed desperately. “I am so tired, I don’t even feel human anymore. I have tried everything and nothing has helped. I would do anything to know how to sleep better at night,” she pleaded on the phone as we got to know […]

Stress Tip: How To Avoid Time Travel

“What motivated you to book an appointment?” I asked on our first visit. She said, “I am a time traveller.” It is not everyday I hear that, so I raised my eyebrows expectantly and waited for her to go on. “I spend about half of my day living in the future, worrying. I spend the […]