WebMD on Chocolate, Carbs, Salt and Sugar

What Do You Crave? Most people losing weight fight one kind of food craving or another. This slideshow on WebMD discusses common cravings.  There are twenty slides that can be advanced at your own leisure.  You may find the information quite useful.   Are you ready to lose weight or to stop cravings?  Call our […]

Weight Loss Tips: How To Use Hypnosis To Stop Being So Desperate

About ten years ago, my wife asked me to go to the grocery store after work to “pick up some eggs.” I had a crazy day and only ate half of my lunch and when I went into the store to buy eggs, it was as if the food was singing sweet love songs from […]

Weight Loss Tips: The Snacking Antidote

A male client in his 40s recently told me, “I come home from work around 3PM and the house is empty because my wife doesn’t get home until 11PM at night. I am bored and I can’t stop eating. I wander back and forth between the refrigerator and the couch. “It’s like my legs are […]

Utah Weight Loss Tips: Can Watching TV While Eating Make You Fat?

Halfway through the movie, all she could feel was the grit of greasy popcorn seeds and salt at the bottom of the metal bowl. She licked her fingers unconsciously and turned to her husband and asked in a tone of accusation, “Did you eat my popcorn?” Her husband looked surprised, “I haven’t moved from my […]

Why Dieting Can Be Dangerous

She came into my office mad at her doctor because he was cruel, but deep down she was more disappointed in herself. She was 40 years old and weighed 93 pounds more than she should. “You are obese,” That is what her doctor told her bluntly. How did she get there? Her answer: 12 diets […]