How Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss

I had a doctor once tell me once, “Weight loss is nothing more than pure physics! You need to burn more energy than you consume.”

I thought it was interesting that the doctor was almost 75 Lbs overweight himself.  He understood the physics of weight loss, but he clearly had not mastered the practical psychology behind his own ideal weight–a problem many people can identify with!

This doctor knew HOW to lose weight, but clearly wasn’t applying it.  This is the most common situation that I find with my clients: it takes more than just conscious head knowledge of WHAT to do, in order to get results.

Getting To Your Ideal Weight is 10 Percent Physics and 90 Percent Mastering Your Subconscious Mind!

Hypnosis addresses weight directly at its root and is effective because it rapidly and powerfully addresses the subconscious causes behind the weight: lack of motivation, limiting or conflicting beliefs, habits, emotional eating patterns, cravings, etc.

There are so many emotional and cultural factors that affect our food choices and patterns of behavior and stress that to attempt to lose weight by only focusing on calories or serving size is like attempting to fix a car engine by adjusting the mirrors.

It is not just about the food! It’s not just about exercise! It’s not just about stress! It’s not just about our personal beliefs and self esteem and ways we are using food to “self medicate”. It’s about all of the above plus your personal history and your unconscious mind’s interpretation of your world…

In other words, Hypnosis can help you to lose weight because it takes into account ALL the contributing factors not just calories. With access to your unconscious mind we can assist you to make changes in the neurological programs that have been running for so long in the background of your conscious awareness.

Hypnosis can get to the root cause and change what’s stopping you from healthy eating patterns and all the rest of it.

The sooner you get started the sooner you will feel better, lighter, stronger, healthier

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– William Wood, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis & NLP

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