Three Common Fears Dispelled

Three Common Fears Dispelled   [vCitaContact type=contact width=500 height=450]

What is Hypnosis? (Part 2: Reading and Hypnosis)

What is Hypnosis? (Part 1: Watching Football)

How is hypnosis like watching football? Northern Utah Hypnosis practitioner, William Wood explains in this short video below: (turn up your speakers and click the “play” arrow or button) Any other questions? Please feel free to contact Will Wood, Northern Utah Hypnosis or if you prefer fill out the handy form below and Will will […]

Eye Patterns and Communicating Clearly

Eye patterns can give us clues about which internal representation system a person is accessing in the moment.  Practically, that allows a communicator to communicate in the clearest way possible.   Taking some time to study this eye chart and see what you can learn about whether someone tends to prefers to see, hear or feel […]


We experience the world through our five senses: eyes, ears, feelings, smells, taste and self talk.  Inside our minds, we tend to re-present the world with our five senses.   It has been observed that some people prefer different senses to create an internal representation of their experiences.  Listening carefully to how someone communicates gives clues […]