Hypnosis vs. Talk Therapy

To be fair, no two practitioners of any modality will practice talk therapy or hypnotherapy in the same way.  So I will be discussing my approach to hypnotherapy in this article


How Fast Can You Change?

First, it is relatively uncommon to find a talk therapist who truly specializes in brief change techniques. It is not an uncommon story to hear of a talk therapy client that is in therapy for six months, a year or even more.

With more complicated problems, that may be exactly what the talk therapy client needs.  However, I specialize in brief change work.  That means, that if you are like my average client, we are going to work together 1-10 sessions to solve your problem.

My commitment is to help you reach your goals as quickly as you can.


Getting The Heart and Mind To Work Together

The second difference between traditional talk therapy and hypnotherapy can be significant. While this is an oversimplification, talk therapy focuses on logically understanding the problem and often learning to live with the problem you came into therapy to resolve.

If you are like most of my clients, you already logially understand that you have a problem, but you still can’t control that problem and no amount of talk has changed that.

For example, consider the woman eats chocolate cake at night while watching “The Biggest Loser,” feeling guilty about eating the chocolate because she knows on one level that she shouldn’t be doing it; on an emotional level, she knows the cake soothes her emotions.

The man looks at pornography knowing his wife is offended by his behavior; on one level he wants to stop, on another, he seems drawn to the behavior.

The smoker smokes, despite the constant bombardment from his doctor and the media about the ill effects of smoking.

In short, human beings are NOT always driven by logic, thank you, Mr. Spock.

The main goal of hypnotherapy as I practice it is to get the logical conscious mind and emotional subconscious mind to work together.

The logical conscious mind and the emotional subconscious mind have very different needs, however. In my opinion, the fastest way to resolve your emotional, subconscious conflicts is to work with a competently trained hypnotherapist.

That is what I do–help you change the way you want to change as quickly as you can.

Hypnotherapy has incredibly powerful tools to help the conscious and subconscious work together to solve a problem, to reach a goal.


I Don’t Diagnose Mental Health Disorders

The third difference is that a talk therapist diagnosis and treats mental health disorders. I don’t diagnose and I don’t treat mental health disorders without the referral of a medical doctor or psychologist.


The Bottom Line

My goal is to help  you reach your personal and professional goals. Fast.

I wouldn’t say that hypnotherapy is better than talk therapy, because one may be more appropriate than another, depending on the nature of your situation.

What I do is quite different than what you will find in most psychologists’ offices and for good reason: the psychologist works with mental health disorders and I work with the average person who has average problems.  The average psychologist teaches you to work with the rational conscious mind and I teach you to work with the subconscious mind.

Rather than looking at what I do in opposition to the field of psychology, I view myself as a powerful complement to the field of psychology and I enjoy working with a good talk therapist to help you change the way you want to change.


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