The key idea behind reframing is to separate intention from behavior.  There are a variety of effective techniques that can be used to reframe.  Reframing is useful through all phases of therapy to help to change our point of view.  For example, I have a friend who helped a woman reframe her own abilities, by showing her how the skills she possessed in one context would work in another context.  This client was an avid gardener and knew precisely how much water, fertilizing and fertilizer to give each plant, yet she had struggled throughout her life to eat right and weed the garden of the mind.  One day, my friend helped this client realize that her ability to tend to a garden with attention and detail was the same ability needed to achieve an ideal weight and health outcomes.  Once my friend’s client realized she already possessed the abilities necessary to lose weight, her health completely changed, as she started to treat her body like her own personal garden.

Sometimes we need help getting a new perspective on a problem we are facing can be a significant part of solving the problem.  If you want a new set of eyes to help you change your point of view, contact William Wood CHt at 801-203-3405 or  Visit my website at

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