An anchor is another way to describe a conditioned response.  Years ago Pavlov hit a tuning fork simultaneously as he put meat in front of his dogs.  When the dogs would see the meat, they would begin to salivate.  Soon, he was able to remove the meat and just sound the tuning fork and the dog’s mouths continued to salivate, just at the sound of the tuning fork.  In other words the dogs developed a conditioned response—or an anchor— to the sound of the tuning fork.

Have you ever noticed that certain smells, music, places or foods “trigger” an automatic response.  If you have, then you have developed an anchored response.  For example, imagine a person who was viciously attacked by a dog as a child.  Now every time that person sees a dog, he might instantly feel a feeling of fear.

Through hypnosis, we can neutralize bad anchors or “triggers.”  For more information how, contact William Wood CHt at 801-203-3405 or  Visit me at

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