I like this story because Elijah is an important figure in many cultures and countries.  But even if Elijah is not an important figure in your culture, the story of Elijah is a profound one story about listening and finding answers.  This story is paraphrased, so any errors in the story are mine.

One day, Elijah became very depressed because Queen Jezebel had threatened to kill him and he didn’t know what to do. He ran into the wilderness and refused to eat because he was so depressed. Finally, he decided to climb a mountain and hide in a cave until he knew what to do. So there he waited—in a cave at the top of a mountain watching and waiting.

Suddenly as he waited, a powerful wind came and smashed the rocks on the mountainside into pieces.  But as Elijah watched, he realized that there was no message in the wind.  After the wind, there was an earthquake that shook the ground. But there was no message in the earthquake. After the earthquake, there was a fire. But there was no message in the fire.

So while he stood in his cave, thinking about the wind, the earthquake and the fire, he heard a still, small voice.  When he heard that still, small voice, he knew that God had spoken, so he pulled his cloak over his head and went to the mouth of the cave to listen.

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