Everyone goes into trance in a different way.   The way that you access trance will be different that the way that I access trance.  Part of the hypnotherapy process is learning how each person naturally enters the trance state and then teaching them to do so.  Part of this process involves simple tests.  Fortunately, there is no way to fail these tests.  Every test is designed to provide feedback on how you naturally access the trance state.

One of these tests is called the “lemon test”—don’t worry, it doesn’t involve real lemons.  Another is called heavy and light.  Another is called the finger spread test.  Infrequently, I also use a formal written test to test your hypnotic personality, such as the Emotional and Physical Suggestibility Profile Test.

For more information about how you naturally access the trance state, contact William Wood CHt at 801-203-3405 or william.wood@northernutahhypnosis.com You can also visit my website at www.northernutathhypnosis.com .

I wrote this short article for a continuing education course at www.modernjedi.com

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