1. When I buy shoes the first thing that I do is look at the shoes I am wearing and notice that they are looking ragged or beat up
  2. Then I get a feeling that I need to buy a new pair of shoes.
  3. Then I go to a store that has a reasonable selection of decent quality shoes.
  4. I look for the shoes in my size, which is 10.
  5. I look at the price range to get a feel for price options.
  6. I pick the 2-3 pair of shoes that look reasonable and appear to be of the highest quality and fit within my budget.
  7. I try on both the right and left shoes and lace them up and walk around to see how they feel.
  8. I choose the pair of shoes I am going to buy by eliminating the least comfortable pair, etc until I only have one pair left.
  9. I take the shoes off and look at them one more time to make sure that I can imagine myself wearing them for the next 1-2 years, asking myself if the shoes have the kind of quality I am looking for.
  10. If they do, I buy the pair of shoes.  If not, I start the process over again or go to another store and repeat the process.
  11. Usually, I take less than 15 minutes to execute the entire strategy.

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