Once there was a conflict between a large company and its labor union.  They simply came to an impasse and couldn’t come to an agreement.  The labor union was demanding a $2000 raise for every union member.  The company knew they would go broke if they gave in to the demand.  Fortunately, they finally asked the union negotiator why they wanted the extra money, instead of simply asking what the union was demanding.  It turns out that the union was pushing for more money, so the union members could afford a nicer vacation with their families.   The company got together and looked at how they could satisfy the intention behind the demand without going broke.  Finally, the company offered to give each union member an extra two days off a year, so that they could spend more vacation time with their families.  The union looked at the offer and because it met the intention behind their demands, they agreed.  This is one example of how separating intention from demand in negotiation can lead to a successful outcome.

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