Have you ever wondered why people make the same resolution every year to lose ten or twenty pounds?  They diet, excercise  and lose ten pounds only to find it again within six months?

If you want to lose weight with a few friends or co-workers, contact me to learn how to shed ten or twenty pounds and keep it off.  Have fun and get the ball rolling with a weight-loss hypnosis “party” in the comfort of your home with your friends.

Each weight loss “party” lasts about two hours and includes the following (and can be customized based on your needs and preferences):

  1. I reveal secrets about  why most people end up losing the same ten to twenty pounds every year and how to break the cycle.
  2. I talk about the difference between conscious and unconscious motivation strategies for weight loss.
  3. I also talk and answer questions about how to cope with “triggers” and cravings and  how to replace old behaviors.
  4. I discuss how to create permanent change to keep the pounds off.
  5. I explain how hypnosis works and answer any questions that people in the group might have.
  6. I hypnotize everyone in the group and help people kickstart their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.
  7. Every group member in attendance will get a free weight-loss CD to help keep them motivated while they are losing weight (a $30 value).

If you host the party you also earn credit towards personal hypnotherapy sessions.  For every additional person in attendance you earn a non-cash credit of $10 towards your own personal sessions.

Rates are below (includes presentation, Q&A, handout, hypnosis and free CD):

1-3 people in attendance: $75 per person.

4-6 people in attendance: $65 per person.

7-9 people in attendance: $55 per person.

10 or more people in attendance: $50 per person.

As my calendar is filling up quickly, contact me today to host a party!

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