Let me describe the order and sequence of the strategy I use to brush my teeth:

  1. I realize that I am tired.  Usually, by feeing a heavy sensation in my head.
  2. I check the clock and confirm that it is late.
  3. I walk to the bathroom and find my toothbrush.
  4. I put toothpaste on my toothbrush.
  5. I run my toothbrush under water.
  6. I brush my teeth, usually starting with the outside left molar teeth and proceed towards the right on the outside.
  7. I then brush the eating surface of my top teeth from left to right.
  8. Then I brush the inside surface of my top teeth from left right.
  9. Then I brush the outside bottom left side of my mouth proceeding to the outside bottom right.
  10. Then I brush the eating surface of my bottom teeth from left to right.
  11. Then I brush the inside lower left side of my teeth proceeding towards the right.
  12. I know it is time to stop brushing my teeth because I have brushed all the surfaces of my teeth.
  13. Before I stop, I run my tongue over the surface of my teeth to check to rough spots.  If there are rough spots, I rebrush all of my teeth one more time.
  14. Once my teeth feel smooth with my tongue, I stop brushing.

I have to say that I have NEVER thought about this process consciously from beginning to end, probably since I was quite small.  That goes to show that most of what we do most of the time falls outside of our conscious awareness.

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