In Hypnosis and NLP, when we talk about “strategy,” we aren’t talking about stuffy boardroom activities on Wall Street, we are simply talking about how we do what we do.  For example, how do you know it is time to eat dinner?  You probably never stopped to think that you have a strategy for eating, because you do it unconsciously, don’t you?

But think about it.  What has to happen so that you stop doing whatever you are doing and start to eat?  Is there a certain time of day or night you always eat?  Is there someone who asks you to turn off the TV and come into the kitchen?  Do you have kids that tell you that they are hungry?  Do you walk by a fast food restaurant on the way home from work and smell the dollar menu special?  Everyone’s answers are different, yet at some point, most of us stop and eat sometime in the evening.  Most of our routine strategies exist outside of the realm of our conscious thought because we have been doing them for years the same way.

How we decide to stop and eat is a “strategy.”

How we decide to feel good is a “strategy.”

How we learn is a “strategy.”

How we spell is a “strategy.”

How we relate with our coworkers or clients is a “strategy.”

So my question is this: is your strategy working for you?  Is it producing the results that you want in your life right now?  If it’s not, learn how to change your strategies with hypnosis and NLP by contacting William Wood CHt at 801-203-3405 or  Visit me at

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