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About William Wood

My mission is to help people transform their personal lives and to free themselves from the mental and emotional chains of the past. In 2005, I was … [Continue Reading]

William Wood and His Family


My philosophy is simple: I want you to reach your goals and live your dreams. Once you tell me what you want to accomplish, I will help you … [Continue Reading]

I Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

 “I Started Young” The most common thing that William Wood hears is this: “I started young. I didn’t know what I was really getting … [Continue Reading]

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss. Exercise. Fat Loss. Dieting. Boredom Eating. "The Obesity Epidemic". Stress. Loneliness. Comfort Foods... So many words that "Trigger" … [Continue Reading]

Hypnosis for weight loss and fitness in Northern Utah

Hypnosis FAQ

Follow the links to discover the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, … [Continue Reading]

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What People are Saying about Will Wood of Northern Utah Hypnosis Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis:   Conquered the Fear of … [Continue Reading]

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Sleep Better

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep or some combination of the … [Continue Reading]

Sleep Better With Hypnosis

What The Heck Is Hypnosis?

Watch This Video To Find Out, "What The Heck Is Hypnosis?" This nine minute video answers that question. Turn up your speakers and hit play to … [Continue Reading]

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After being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year I began eliminating sugar from my diet and trying to lose weight. On the 25th of March I weighed 245. By the 22nd of July I weighed 237.5. ( A loss of 7.5 pounds in 4 Months) I went to see a hypnotherapist, William Wood, at the end of July A month later I weighed 231 on the 26th of Aug. (A loss of 6.5 pounds in one month) Hypnosis affects the subconscious mind and helps eliminate the faulty programming that is keeping people from… — J.G.
I started seeing William Wood about a year ago for Stress Management.... not only have I seen and felt a great transformation in myself in how I manage stress as a business owner, wife and mother of three beautiful children. I have also seen great deal of success as he has worked with my family as well. William is one of the most genuine people I know and appreciate the gifts he has given me and my family... Thank you! William — N.
William Wood and five stars is an understatement. He is truly phenomenal. I am a psychotherapist of eleven years, so it has been so fun to see such rapid results as I have worked with Will on my own issues. He is the most trained hypnotherapist I know and has such an incredible, intuitive nature. He seeks learning and feedback everywhere he can find it, which is not very common in my experience. Of all therapists I know (which is many), I would recommend Will over anyone else. You won’t… — S.G.
My experience with hypnosis was a good and effective one. I went to see Will for family relationship issues. I had a couple sessions and the results were wonderful. I learned to look at situations in a more constructive and healthy way, therefore allowing me to put them in perspective. I also had trouble sleeping, though not the original reason I went to see Will, it came up during one of our sessions. I go to bed about 10 and though I do not have a hard time getting to sleep, I have a… — C. Morris
After repeated attempts to quit smoking, I had resigned myself to the fact that quitting was impossible, at least for me. I had quit so many times I had become an "expert" at it. I was motivated to quit, but lacked the tools to do so. This is where hypnosis came in...Will gave me those tools, showed me how to use them, and a support system to make it happen. I can now breathe, which allows me to exercise, which keeps my weight at a healthy level, which lowers my blood pressure… — M. Riter
Thank you so much! The problem is totally and completely GONE! I even tested it. The old trigger that used to cause me to react "unresourcefully" now causes me to relax and access all of my abilities and communication tools! this is a life long problem...Pooof! Gone! :o) — M. S.
I was suffering from a paralyzing fear of having my mouth numb while receiving dental work, and was looking for a solution to make procedures less traumatic. Before working with Northern Utah Hypnosis Center, I would sob hysterically through the procedure and would continue crying for hours afterwards until the numbing had worn off. Northern Utah Hypnosis Center is a friendly and relaxed environment and was genuinely dedicated to helping me overcome my fear. The sessions were very effective and… — K.R.
I visited Will Wood for weight loss help. I was able to address issues that were from my childhood and teen years that have no bearing on me now. Though I was unable to continue the sessions with Will..I have been able to get on a good weight loss program and been able to succeed in a considerable weight loss. As I pondered over why I have been able to lose weight now.. it occurred to me that those therapy sessions with Will served as trigger points to get over my own stumbling blocks in weight… — J.B.
I went to Will with a problem of seasonal allergies. I wasn't quite sure what I was allergic to, but came up with pollen and pet dander. Will was able to work with me and the results were amazing! I normally carry a Kleenex in my pocket, but after Will worked with me I am happy to say that I'm Kleenex free! — C.
I was able to take another MCAT practice test last week and it was fantastic. It was insane how calm I was. Whatever we did worked for sure. I didn't miss anything based on my mind freaking out which resulted in a great score! It really feels great to have stopped associating my test performance with my worth. We also have group sessions where we do smaller practice exams and I'm also super calm taking those, way different than before! I thought I'd let you know cause it's pretty great! Thanks… — C.
Loved the tools that were provided by William Wood. I use them whenever I start to feel stressed or worried. My daughter uses the tools as well and has great success in dealing with anxiety. — L.
I have to first preface this with the fact that: I am a huge skeptic. I believe in alternative medicine and therapies, and I've done acupuncture and chiropractic and non-conventional therapies, but I always go in with the idea of, "they're going to have to PROVE this to me" AND it took years for me to even give any of that a chance! It's just how I am. Also, you have to realize that anytime I have gotten to the point of seeking any alternative therapies or modalities, I've been at the point… — D.J.
Passion combined with Knowledge. Will is AMAZING! — B.C.
William has treated my wife and I as well as our 9 year old son. He is a fantastic healer and a professional at his trade of Hypnotherapist / Hypnosis. We were all treated with respect and the price was reasonable. We have referred several clients to William and hope that thy can be assisted with their needs. Thank you William! — G.
Going to see William Wood was one of the best decisions I have made for my life! Not only is he a great hypnotherapist, he is also an awesome person. He is caring, helpful and makes you feel very comfortable. You can talk to him about anything... He is not judgmental at all. He also has a great sense of humor and that helps a lot. When I started seeing Will I would rate the issues I have at a 10, now I would say my issues are now down to a 5. He teaches you the things you need to be able to… — V.B
Will wood has taken the time and made the effort it takes to gain a high level of proficiency in several rapid change modalities, including hypnosis, meridian tapping and neuro linguistic programming. I whole heartedly recommend you see him! Using NLP and meridian tapping techniques, he helped me find the relief I desperately needed from a lifelong, intense fear of being trapped--so much fear that sometimes it would feel like the sheets of my bed were grabbing me and pinning me down at night,… — Craig
I am certain that I’m now tobacco free, and that I will be from here on forward! I can’t stress enough that this is a very HUGE statement for me… one that I previously was not sure I would ever be able to say and honestly mean. Bottom line – I would highly recommend Will to anyone who is looking for help in quitting tobacco – smoking or chewing. You will not be disappointed! — J.
I have been to William for business coaching as he did a great job helping me accomplish my goals. I have also had my son see William for allergies, William did a great job here as well. Very good service! — B.H.
"I was really impressed with Will and his ability to help me. I was able to make some significant changes in my life with his assistance. He also provided a method for me to continue to make positive changes and a greater motivation to achieve my goals. Thanks Will!!" — JG