Conquered the Fear of Lightening:   Stopped Smoking After 50+ Years: “Mr. Wood’s hypnosis was very helpful in curbing the desire to smoke.  He helped me relax and made quitting smoking very easy and simple.” –Doug Jones, age 71, smoked 1 pack a day for 50+ years, smoke free for two months as of this post   Stopped Smoking and Changed My Life: I have learned so much about myself with Will. I have never been in hypnosis before and the experience has been unbelievable. I have now been 32 days a non smoker. He has changed my life not only with smoking, but my self image of myself. I’m now trying to help my mom be smoke free and visit Will. Thank you for changing my life. –Melissa O. Relationships and Sleeping Better: My experience with hypnosis was a good and effective one. I went to see Will for family relationship issues. I had a couple sessions and the results were wonderful. I learned to look at situations in a more constructive and healthy way, therefore allowing me to put them in perspective. I also had trouble sleeping, though not the original reason I went to see Will, it came up during one of our sessions. I go to bed about 10 and though I do not have a hard time getting to sleep, I have a hard time staying asleep. I would start waking anywhere from 3-5. Trying to go back to sleep was very frustrating, sometimes up for 2 or more hours. Through hypnosis, Will helped me discover what was causing me to wake from 3-5. He also shared skills to help me get back to sleep. Several months later, I’m still enjoying the ability to fall back asleep quickly. Even more fabulous is, those nights of waking are not as frequent. I have also used the techniques he shared with me in other areas of my life, which I feel has given me emotional freedom. Will is a compassionate, experienced and humorous hypnotherapist and I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family. –C. Morris Sleeping Better: Before seeing William Wood I hadn’t slept well in almost two years.  My three visits have been very positive.  William has helped me with my sleeping issues.  I learned how to let things go.  I am sleeping now!  I am dreaming more and have noticed colors in my dreams.  I feel fixed. –Kris Magnusson   Losing Weight Before and After Hypnosis: After being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year I began eliminating sugar from my diet and trying to lose weight. On the 25th of March I weighed 245. By the 22nd of July I weighed 237.5. ( A loss of 7.5 pounds in 4 Months) I went to see a hypnotherapist, William Wood, at the end of July A month later I weighed 231 on the 26th of Aug. (A loss of 6.5 pounds in one month) Hypnosis affects the subconscious mind and helps eliminate the faulty programming that is keeping people from achieving their conscious desires. Once the subconscious mind has the new program it runs with it. I believe that finding the Joel Fuhrman PBS show and reading his book is a part of the subconscious programming leading me to achieve the new goal. On the 30th of Sept I weighed 222 a loss of 9 pounds in one month. So before hypnosis a loss of 7.5 pounds in 4 months After hypnosis a loss of 15.5 pounds in 2 months. (Over twice the loss in half the time : ) J.G.   Overcoming Sleep Challenges: Since our visit with you I have conscientiously worked with the audio materials you provided in an effort to overcome the sleep challenges that have been so debilitating in the past.  I have also experimented with a regimen of essential oils. Gradually but steadily there has been an improvement until I have finally been able to discontinue the use of sleeping pills*. This is incredibly gratifying, after suffering the side effects of sleep medication for almost a decade. I want to sincerely thank you for your honest approach to my limited abilities to respond to hypnotherapy and for your obvious concern for my welfare.  I wish you success in your professional endeavors. –CR *No medication advice was offered, as William Wood is not a licensed medical doctor.  All decisions to start, stop or continue medication should be made under the care of a licensed physician.   I Learned To Release My Anxiety: I have to first preface this with the fact that: I am a huge skeptic. I believe in alternative medicine and therapies, and I’ve done acupuncture and chiropractic and non-conventional therapies, but I always go in with the idea of, “they’re going to have to PROVE this to me” AND it took years for me to even give any of that a chance! It’s just how I am. Also, you have to realize that anytime I have gotten to the point of seeking any alternative therapies or modalities, I’ve been at the point of desperation, such was also the case of me seeking out Will and hypnotherapy. I actually had dismissed hypnotherapy many years ago because I heard that no one can “hypnotize you” (which is true) However, one afternoon I got an email from some internet marketing guru who swore he could hypnotize me into a millionaire. Obviously, that seemed like a ridiculous claim, but it did strike a chord with me, that somehow I kept blocking success in my life and maybe hypnotherapy could help. I had recently had my house foreclosed on, my husband filed bankruptcy and we moved in with a friend and got on food stamps. Honestly, I couldn’t afford Will, but I just made it happen. He taught me, before ANY actual hypnosis session a few methods for me to release some anxiety I was feeling about particular subjects. These were things, that when I thought about, would have a huge physical response from me (knots in my stomach, lump in my throat, etc.) I told Will that I was feeling stuck and that every time I would have some success, I couldn’t hang on to it. I also had been dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years. I won’t go into all the detail, but literally after our first session I was able to TALK about my eating disorder and face things (I was so stuck and anxious before, there was no way I would tell people, let alone talk about it without crying) I won’t say its been 100% perfect, but I went from having obsessive compulsive thoughts, to having 90% of those things gone… and when they come up, I now have tools to deal with them. I think hypnotherapy can work if you do the work and go with the process. There has been a huge shift in my brain that I can only attribute to my sessions with Will. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend him to anyone who asks!–D.J.   Fear of the dentist: I was suffering from a paralyzing fear of having my mouth numb while receiving dental work, and was looking for a solution to make procedures less traumatic. Before working with Northern Utah Hypnosis Center, I would sob hysterically through the procedure and would continue crying for hours afterwards until the numbing had worn off. Northern Utah Hypnosis Center is a friendly and relaxed environment and was genuinely dedicated to helping me overcome my fear. The sessions were very effective and I could feel my fear decrease after only one appointment. I attended three sessions before my dental appointment and the change was astounding. The calm I felt before my dental appointment was a stark contrast to the crippling anxiety I had experienced before previous appointments. While I did shed a few tears at the initial numbing, the intensity and the duration of the crying had decreased dramatically. I was also able to quickly calm myself (which would have been an impossibility before) and remain calm throughout the remainder of, and after, the appointment. I never thought I would be able to beat my anxiety about numbing; now I can sit through a procedure without sobbing and remain relatively calm. I would recommend Northern Utah Hypnosis Center to anyone who wishes to overcome any fear. –KR   Fear of being trapped: Will wood has taken the time and made the effort it takes to gain a high level of proficiency in several rapid change modalities, including hypnosis, meridian tapping and neuro linguistic programming. I whole heartedly recommend you see him! Using NLP and meridian tapping techniques, he helped me find the relief I desperately needed from a lifelong, intense fear of being trapped–so much fear that sometimes it would feel like the sheets of my bed were grabbing me and pinning me down at night, which would cause my heart to race, and ruin my sleep at night. I haven’t had these symptoms for months now. Fantastic!!! –Craig Continuing Change “I was really impressed with Will and his ability to help me. I was able to make some significant changes in my life with his assistance. He also provided a method for me to continue to make positive changes and a greater motivation to achieve my goals. Thanks Will!!” –JG The Core of the Matter: I was impressed with Will Wood’s confidence and actual ability to drill to the core of the matter and know exactly how to work with my issue quickly and effectively. -I. Jensen Gaining Control of My Life: I needed to gain control of my life and William Wood led my mind’s eye back to the path it had been diverted from for too many years. I would recommend visiting William’s office to anyone who is battling with themselves over any thing, large or small. Weather you need to establish self motivation or tackle behavioral barriers, William will walk you through what your mind’s eye needs. His techniques, method and level of professionalism put me directly at ease and allowed for the hypnosis to truly sink in and do it’s work. Hypnosis with William is not about self control or self discipline. All of these self destructive barriers are bypassed with Mr. Wood’s various approaches. Again, I would (and have) recommended Mr. Wood to ANYONE who has any level of self improvement that they are finally ready to embrace. And, William…thank you for reminding me who and what I am, which is great! If there was a way to show my immense gratitude, it would be in place. There are no words or actions that can reflect my gratitude for your time and talents. Rachel Fingernail Biting Habit: Last year my son (age 15) mentioned to me that he would like to quit biting his fingernails. He said his fingers really bothered him when he played the violin because of this habit. I happened to mention this to our good friend Will Wood and he said he could help him with it and it would probably only take 15 minutes or so. Well, we pulled up a chair and Will got started. It really only took that one session and then Will emailed our son a followup MP3 recording to listen to. We bought our son his own pair of nail clippers and since that session almost one year ago he’s been happily clipping his nails himself and can now play his violin pain free! CLH Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis: Needle Fear: I used to be so terrified of needles that I would get queasy and almost faint when I saw a needle or watched someone get a shot.  I worked with Will three different times, each time for about five minutes.  Will mostly had me do some easy visualization techniques during two sessions and a little bit of meridian tapping during one session.  I just watched my sister get a shot and the fear seems to be gone.  K.T.
Seasonal Allergies: Will Wood is an incredible hypnotherapist who has demonstrated high professionalism and strong compassion.   I had suffered from pollen allergy for 9 years, shortly after I moved to New York City from China. I tried traditional allergy treatment, antihistamine medicine, and acupuncture, but all failed in the end. I had two sessions with Will, and I no longer need to take allergy pills during spring season in New York.   I was skeptical of the method in the beginning, but Will offered a 15-minute free consultation session to answer all my questions/doubts. He was frank and upfront with me about the probability of success in hypnotherapy, and even followed up with a free 20 minute session to enhance the result. I learned that the hypnosis that I go through is very light, and I got to stay conscious throughout the session, which had calmed my fear and achieved great result.  Thank you Will. -YL, NYC, NY   Stop Smoking: I had unsuccessfully been trying to quit smoking for months before trying hypnosis with Will. Combining practical self-management tools to fight cravings along with hypnosis sessions finally gave me the strength to quit. -Austin   Destructive Behaviors: I was shocked how well Hypnosis worked for me. Will made me quickly feel comfortable and at ease. The process was very empowering and relaxing. He helped me overcome destructive behaviors that I’ve had for over 10 years in just a few sessions. I was happy to learn tools that I could use on my own to take control of myself and of my life. I would gladly and strongly recommend William Wood for anyone who is looking for help. It truly has changed my life for the better. – Alan S   Relationships and Eating Problems: In 2010, I was fortunate enough to meet and start working with William Wood. I had issues with the relationship with my mother. For years I’d been looking for a way to move out, but couldn’t find a way to do it. She is a capable human who chooses not to take care of her self on the physical plane. Also, I had developed a severe binge eating problem due to a nasty breakup that had resurfaced some pretty harsh abandonment issues that were developed earlier in my life. There was also an unhealthy attraction to a male who was not involved in my then romantic relationship. After a single session with William I was able to regain control of my feelings for the unhealthy attraction. After two sessions with William I was able to move out of my mom’s place and she magically had enough money to fend for herself. After three sessions I was able to dramatically see my cravings and out of control eating habits balance out. Since then I have naturally and pretty effortlessly achieved my goal weight and I am very grateful for it. Honestly I am very grateful for all the changes that took place and for how very fast the results came. Yesterday was the first time I have seen William since he helped me through those initial problems almost two years ago.  This time I am in for time and money management. After this first session I am thrilled to say that already I am re-prioritizing my interests and what they mean to me. I know in just a few more sessions I will be set and will get to enjoy all the new changes that will take place in my world until the next time.  – Brooke S. Stop Smoking: After repeated attempts to quit smoking, I had resigned myself to the fact that quitting was impossible, at least for me. I had quit so many times I had become an “expert” at it. I was motivated to quit, but lacked the tools to do so. This is where hypnosis came in… Will gave me those tools, showed me how to use them, and a support system to make it happen. My biggest question was “how does hypnosis work” as I had no experience with it, and wasn’t even sure if it would work, but figured I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You must be committed to the idea of being smoke free. That’s all it took to make it work. I can breathe, which allows me to exercise, which keeps my weight at a healthy level, which lowers my blood pressure and so on. Being  smoke free is the first step to breaking the addiction chain, and achieving other health goals. And deciding to look into hypnotherapy was the first step to getting started. Will Wood was committed to my success. Checking in with me, and vice versa until I was smoke free. – M. Riter Business: “I have been to William for business coaching as he did a great job helping me accomplish my goals. I have also had my son see William for allergies, William did a great job here as well. Very good service!” B.H.
Allergies: “I went to Will with a problem of seasonal allergies. I wasn’t quiet sure what I was allergic to, but came up with pollen and pet dander. Will was able to work with me and the results was amazing! I normally carry a Kleenex in my pocket, but after Will worked with me I am happy to say that I’m Kleenex free!” C.H.
Stress Management: “I started seeing William Wood about a year ago for Stress Management…. not only have I seen and felt a great transformation in myself in how I manage stress as a business owner, wife and mother of three beautiful children. I have also seen great deal of success as he has worked with my family as well. William is one of the most genuine people I know and appreciate the gifts he has given me and my family… Thank you! William” N.P.
Help For The Whole Family: “William has treated my wife and I as well as our 9 year old son. He is a fantastic healer and a professional at his trade of Hypnotherapist / Hypnosis. We were all treated with respect and the price was reasonable. We have referred several clients to William and hope that thy can be assisted with their needs. Thanks you William!” G.D.
Stop Smoking – Chewing Tobacco: “I would highly recommend Will to anyone who is ready and willing to quit tobacco. I met with Will to help me quit chewing tobacco. I chewed/dipped for over 20 years… since I was a teenager. I always desired to quit – but had been unsuccessful in all my previous attempts. Every time I previously quit or wanted to quit, I felt apprehension and anxiety about the discomfort and cravings that come during the quitting process. I was initially very skeptical about how helpful hypnosis and hypnotherapy would be for me. Will was very patient with all of my questions and concerns. He was very open and honest in his answers, and he took considerable time to address my concerns and ensured I understood the process and what to expect even before we even started. The cravings I experienced in the first week of quitting were significantly lower in frequency and intensity than those that I experienced in all my previous attempts at quitting. Will gave me some effective tools that really helped to decrease the intensity of the cravings as they were occurring. Will followed up with me frequently during the first week to ensure that I was doing well. He not only provided the tools to help me in the initial phases of quitting, but he also spent time to ensure that I understood what to expect in the long term and that I was ready for it. I am certain that I’m now tobacco free, and that I will be from here on forward! I can’t stress enough that this is a very HUGE statement for me… one that I previously was not sure I would ever be able to say and honestly mean. Bottom line – I would highly recommend Will to anyone who is looking for help in quitting tobacco – smoking or chewing. You will not be disappointed!” – J.
Weight Loss – Fitness “Some time ago, I visited Will Wood for weight loss help. I was able to address issues that were from my childhood and teen years that have no bearing on me now. Though I was unable to continue the sessions with Will..I have been able to get on a good weight loss program and been able to succeed in a considerable weight loss. As I pondered over why I have been able to lose weight now.. it occurred to me that those therapy sessions with Will served as trigger points to get over my own stumbling blocks in weight loss. I am grateful to Will Wood for the assistance I received from him. I recommend Will Wood for his professionalism and knowledge of Hypnosis therapy. He helped me get on a path to becoming a healthier person.” J.B.
Amazing: “Passion combined with Knowledge. Will is AMAZING!” B.C.
A Psychotherapist Says This: “William Wood and five stars is an understatement. He is truly phenomenal. I’d give anything to have a brain that works as quickly as his. I am a psychotherapist of eleven years, so it has been so fun to see such rapid results as I have worked with Will on my own issues. He is the most trained hypnotherapist I know and has such an incredible, intuitive nature. He seeks learning and feedback everywhere he can find it, which is not very common in my experience. This guy is well on his way to “going places”. Of all therapists I know (which is many), I would recommend Will over anyone else. You won’t regret meeting with him or having a phone or Skype session. He will change your life… He has mine.” S.G.
Stop Anxiety: “Loved the tools that were provided by William Wood. I use them whenever I start to feel stressed or worried. My daughter uses the tools as well and has great success in dealing with anxiety.” L.
A Great Decision: “Going to see William Wood was one of the best decisions I have made for my life! Not only is he a great hypnotherapist, he is also an awesome person. He is caring, helpful and makes you feel very comfortable. You can talk to him about anything, even if it is totally embarrassing. He is not judgmental at all. He also has a great sense of humor and that helps a lot. When I started seeing Will I would rate the issues I have at a 10, now after seeing him about every 2 weeks for 5 months, I would say my issues are now down to a 5. He teaches you the things you need to be able to better yourself. He has a way of being in tune to what a person needs to learn so they can become the person they want to be and get rid of the bad habits that are holding them back. He has helped me transform my life and break free from some habits that were really keeping me in the past and hurting me. I would recommend him to anyone. He really is that good. He is the real deal!!!!” V.B.
Test Anxiety: “Hey Will, I keep forgetting to email you to let you know how things are going. Anyways, I was able to take another MCAT practice test last week and it was fantastic. It was insane how calm I was. Whatever we did worked for sure. I didn’t miss anything based on my mind freaking out which resulted in a great score! It really feels great to have stopped associating my test performance with my worth. We also have group sessions where we do smaller practice exams and I’m also super calm taking those, way different than before! I thought I’d let you know cause it’s pretty great! Thanks again,” C.
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