Hypnosis FAQ

Answers To Common Questions

Follow the links to discover the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming


Q: What Is Hypnosis? (Video)


Q: How Fast Does Hypnosis Work? (Video)


Q: I am afraid to be hypnotized, what can you tell me (Video)?


Q: Who Can Be Hypnotized?


Q: How Do I Know That I Can Be Hypnotized?


Q: Who Can’t Be Hypnotized?


Q: Will I lose control during hypnosis?


Q: Is Hypnosis Safe?


Q: Is it possible to get stuck in hypnosis?


Q: Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep Better? (Video)


Q: How is Hypnosis Different Than Talk Therapy?


Q: Does Insurance Cover Hypnosis?


Q: What is your Training and Qualification to Practice Hypnosis?


Q: How Quickly Does Hypnosis/Change Take to Work?


Q: Does Hypnosis Work For Chronic Pain Relief?


Q: How Does Hypnosis Work Over the Phone?


Q: How does hypnosis help people lose weight?


Q: What are the side effects from hypnosis?


Q: Who are your most common clients?


Q:  What if I am too embarrassed to tell you what the problem is?


Q:  How does hypnosis actually work?


Q: Why is Hypnosis Effective?


Q: What Is Hypnosis Used For?


Q: How Young Is Too Young To Hypnotize?


Q: Does Hypnosis Work With Children?


Q: Can hypnosis work with depressions and low self-esteem issues?


Q: Does hypnotherapy work to quit smoking AND chewing tobacco?


Q: Can hypnotherapy be used to help the average person to find relief from emotional issues from the past?


Q: What modalities do you practice?




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