Pattie Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis

My Name is Pattie. I smoked cigarettes for 25 years..sometimes two packs a day. I was completely obsessed with my habit. There comes a time in one’s life when you have absolutely had enough of the bad things in your life and it is time to move forward to create better health.

I had tried nicorette gum, I had tried the patches, I could not, would not, and did not quit, over and over again. Many years ago, I had heard about a place called North Utah Hypnosis Center to quit smoking…

Oddly enough, that seed was planted in my brain from day one and I always was a little bit curious as to whether or not this would actually work. I mean, do they actually control your mind and make you quit? Was it anything like those hypnotists that came to our schools when we were young and made a lady float in the air?

Could someone change my mind to quit smoking? Is this what it would take? More recently, I saw an ad on Facebook in my feed from a friend from a friend… Northern Utah Hypnosis Center, lose weight, quit smoking…

My mind came back to all the times how I had wondered about their services. I sent them a message, out of curiosity, would this work for me? I had no idea!!

The first response I received was that it was possible to have these services remotely, meaning via telephone, and that it was a very reasonable investment. How bad did I really want this? I was given an appointment to have a visit with Will to determine if this would be a good match. I quickly found that this was a two way street.

We both were in it all the way to make changes in my life, or it wasn’t going to happen. That was one heck of a commitment, but one that really mattered. Not only was someone willing to stand up to the plate and walk me through a process that could actually work, but I would also have to be accountable and honest so it still rested on my intent and my commitment to do this.

This was the best investment I have ever made in my life. I am a non smoker now. It took very few sessions, very little time, repetition and willingness on my part to do whatever it could take to change my life. I learned that there were other reasons I was smoking and that until I faced those reasons head on, I wouldn’t quit.

It is a miracle. It is nothing scary, or strange, it is a process to finding peace and ability to make better choices. Will is committed to his clients, follows through and is a man of his word. His services have completely changed my life. I know he could help you to change your life.

His talent and ability could assist you in changing anything you could want in your life that is holding you back. He can assist with weight loss, quitting smoking and stress reduction.

Will Wood might be your answer. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who has the courage and desire to change their life and be accountable enough to move forward. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have access to his services because I will have better health, my family is blessed for this change and my future will be altered to something much more than I had imagined.

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