She folded her arms and said, “No.”

Part I of II: You Can’t Hypnotize Me

“There is no way YOU can hypnotize ME!” She said as she crossed her arms and legs, glaring at me, defying me to try.

I had just met her at a business lunch and I was enjoying a small plate of shrimp. She had politely asked me what I did for a living and I told her that I used hypnosis to help people solve their personal and professional problems.

“You are probably right,” I answered, “I promise not to try, especially not over lunch.”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, I think she expected me to argue or to convince her that she was wrong. Instead, I ate another shrimp.

In the old days, when people thought about hypnosis, they would think about Svengali, “overpowering” people with his intense hypnotic stare. Even professional hypnotists used to believe that the hypnotist exercised some kind of control over the hypnotic “subject.”

But modern hypnotic research debunked those outdated ideas more than 50 years ago. Frankly, if that is what hypnosis really was, I would want no part of it.

Instead, modern research has shown that hypnosis depends on the principle of cooperation. Without it, hypnosis doesn’t work. You cannot be hypnotized against your will.

My job is certainly not to set up a contest where I try to force the client into hypnosis while the client resists: we both lose that way.

I teach my clients to more effectively run their OWN minds, with or without me. I focus on teaching people skills. My goal is to empower people.

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