Can you imagine the view at 12,000 feet above ground level, high above the snow capped mountains?

The cold wind is pressing into my face.

The air feels purer.

I am higher than the clouds.

My heart is pumping pure adrenaline.

“YEEEEHAAAAWWW,” I yell at the top of my lungs!
I am flying like an angel…

(Well like an angel with a bearded, 200-pound, South-African man nicknamed “Fish” harnessed to my back… do angel’s fly tandem before they earn their wings?)

When I Realized I Had A Problem…

Just three years ago, I was so afraid of heights one day I went on top of our roof to do some handyman work.

While I was almost comically cautious getting up the ladder, when it was time to go down the ladder I froze.

I mean I couldn’t move.

At all.

My wife actually thought I was joking at first and coyly asked me, “Do you want me to serve you dinner up there?”

Until she realized I was serious. Then she started making rescue plans…

Do helicopters rescue handyman husbands?

Or the fire department?

It took me more than an hour to persuade myself to get back on the ladder.

True panic overtook me as I climbed down.

I was so exhausted from the event that I knew I had to do something about the fear.

Getting Over The Fear of Heights…

Since then, I have used every hypnotic emotional release technique that lends itself to self application to let go of the fear of heights.

About two months ago, on a beautiful spring evening at sunset, my wife and I were taking a walk. We were near the Brigham City Tabernacle. The wind was lightly blowing.

She asked me if there was anything I wanted to do that I had never done.

My mind immediately went to the moment when I was frozen, panicked on the edge of the roof.

I blurted out, “I would really like to go skydiving!” There was a kind of light in my eye and I started to walk a little faster.

She must have remembered the roof too, because she seemed a little shocked, “Would YOU actually jump out of a PLANE?

“YES!” I said emphatically. I had put the hours in doing self hypnosis, and I knew I was ready to test my mettle in the sky.

We went home and I forgot about the conversation.

My wife, Andria Wood, remembered.

On my birthday, the family made me an an omelette and grapefruit juice for breakfast.

There was an envelope waiting for me there.

After breakfast I tore through the top of the envelope.
I opened the paper.

“Happy birthday, for your birthday, you are going to fly.”

Today I did. Thank you Andria Wood. I love you.

This photo is proof that if you have something you want to change you can do it, if you are willing to commit to the process.

YOU are limitless.

I believe in YOU.

You can achieve anything you want to achieve.

It is YOUR time to fly!

Talk soon,

William Wood

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