people don’t stop smoking w hypnosis just because someone else wants them to stop…

Part one in a series: The Nagging Boyfriend

In the last year, I have seen more than a hundred people that want to quit smoking with hypnosis in Utah. Some people make critical mistakes as they are planning the quit attempt.

That is why before I ever agree to help a smoker quit, I spend 10-15 minutes with him on the phone or in my office to determine if there is a good fit between the smoker and my hypnosis stop smoking program.

Here is a short list of common mistakes that I see that I see smokers make that prevents them from stop smoking. This could also be called, “How To Guarantee You Don’t Quit Smoking.

Quit for somebody else. Using hypnosis is easier than any other method I know to quit smoking but let’s be honest, quitting smoking takes a personal commitment and work. And even though hypnosis makes it much easier to quit, it still requires some planning and work.Several times a year, I will have a conversation like this one with a smoker.

Smoker: “Can you MAKE ME quit smoking?”

Me: “No, but I can teach you self hypnosis and other techniques that will make stop smoking easier than it ever has been before.”

Smoker: “You mean you can’t just hypnotize me and make me do it?”

Me: “Nope. Although Hollywood wants you to believe that a hypnotist can control your mind, that is simply a myth. I can teach you self hypnosis and other hypnotic techniques which can give you significantly more control over your own mind and make quitting easier. May I ask you, why do you want to quit smoking now?”

Smoker: “I don’t want to quit, but if you can FORCE ME to stop smoking, my boyfriend would get off my back. He is really nagging me to quit.”

Me: “Wow. Hypnosis or any other method to stop smoking requires a personal commitment to change. Maybe we should hypnotize your boyfriend to help him accept your smoking habit or to stop nagging so much.”

Smoker: “Ha! That would be great.

Hypnosis is amazing. But let’s get real.

Unless you are ready to quit, there isn’t a pill, patch or magic technique that can make you do something for yourself.

If however, you are ready to commit to quit, hypnosis can make quitting easier and more comfortable than it ever has been before.

In my next article, I will explore another common mistakes that smokers make in the quit attempt.

William Wood teaches hypnotic and NLP techniques to people who want to stop smoking in Ogden Utah. He also helps people quit smoking all over Utah and the United States and world wide via phone or Skype. For more information, Contact William Wood, Founder, Northern Utah Hypnosis Center or fill out the contact form below.