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Do You Teach Clients Hypnotic Pain Relief Techniques?*

Yes. I can teach you a variety of effective mind-body pain relief techniques as long as you have first visited your doctor and have had the source of the pain diagnosed.

After your pain has been properly diagnosed, we check in with your doctor to make sure that there is no medical contraindication to use hypnosis and mind based stress reduction for pain relief.

In 2005, I learned self hypnosis because I was getting raging tension type headaches five to six days a week that made it difficult to concentrate. I found that after I learned self hypnosis, I could effectively dial down the pain to reasonable levels within five to ten minutes.

Not too long ago, I had a client that came in with terrible chronic pain that kept him from sleeping at night. He had the pain for more than five years. Over three sessions, I taught him self hypnosis and a variety of effective hypnotic pain relief techniques. While his pain didn’t go away, he said that he started sleeping through the night for the first time since the pain started. He felt that hypnosis gave him his life back.

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*William Wood is not a licensed medical doctor and all chronic pain conditions need to be diagnosed by a licensed medical doctor before learning hypnotic pain relief techniques.

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