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Sleep Better Hypnosis (An Overview)

Do you have a hard time sleeping?  According to a recent study of people living in the USA, roughly one out of every three adults over the age of 30 has a hard time falling asleep, sleeping deeply enough, or sleeping long enough.

And if you are having a hard time sleeping, you don’t need me to tell you that not sleeping is HARD!  It is hard on your mental and emotional state and it affects everything that you do and potentially everyone around you.

If you want to sleep better, hypnosis can be a powerful ally to help you.

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So if you are looking for sleep better hypnosis…

…I can probably help (I will talk more about this in a minute).

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is William Wood.  I specialize in the therapeutic applications of hypnosis.  Since 2008, I have hypnotized more than 6,500 people in groups and in individual sessions.  I have performed more than 18,000 sessions of hypnosis to help people reach their goals.

Helping people sleep better with hypnosis is one of the most common things I do.

While no technique or approach helps all people all of the time…

…my experience with hypnosis has shown that most people sleep deeper, longer and better when they use hypnosis to sleep.

Simply put, there is a good chance that I can help YOU fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply.

Does Sleep Better Hypnosis Help EVERYONE?

Frequently, I have clients ask me this question: “Does sleep better hypnosis always work?”

The short answer is no.

Nothing works all the time.

But hypnosis does work most of the time for most of the clients that I have helped to sleep better.

Who Does Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis is a mind-based sleep routine, which means that it helps YOU sleep by retraining YOUR mind to sleep deeper, longer, and better.  Specifically, hypnosis works by retraining your mind to relax deeply and automatically.  Hypnosis rewires your brain for calm and peace.  Hypnosis feels great and helps you sleep deeply.

Here are some common types of sleep problems that hypnosis helps:

Do you have a hard time switching your mind off at the end of the day?

Hypnosis can help.

Do you find yourself chronically awake with worry?

Hypnosis can help.

Do you find yourself filled with stress and anxieties at night?

Hypnosis can help.

Are you frequently overwhelmed?

Hypnosis can help.

Do you obsessively loop your thoughts as you lay in bed?

Hypnosis can help.

Are your sleep habits and routines horrible?

Hypnosis can help.

Have you had a recent stressful or difficult event in your life?

Hypnosis can help.

There are many more types of sleep problems that can be helped with hypnosis.  If you want to know if I can help you, contact my assistant, Vicki Bowden, and ask her to set up a 20-minute consultation so that we can discuss your situation.  I promise to give you my best opinion at the end of 20 minutes as to how well hypnosis will work for you.  Text Vicki: 1-801-698-0752

Who Is Not Helped By Sleep Better Hypnosis?

While hypnosis helps most people sleep better, not everyone is a good fit for sleep better hypnosis.  That is one of the reasons, I recommend we start with a 20-minute consultation.  I want to make sure I can help before we start working together.

Let me give you a few examples of what I cannot help…

I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, hormone imbalances, etc.

I am not a psychologist, so I do not diagnose your mental health disorder.

That means I am not the right person to go to, if you are want to diagnose your medical or mental health condition…

And if you are like most of the people that I help, you do not need a diagnosis…

You just need more sleep!

And there is a good chance I can help you with that.

How many sessions does it take to get results?

Everyone is different.  And most people will start to see major improvements in their sleep after 4-10 sessions.  Many people begin to notice improvements after the first session.

Let me tell you about a recent client:

I recently worked with a forty year old woman, who had not slept more than two hours a night for the previous six months.

She was exhausted.  Her lack of sleep was affecting her stress levels and her mood.

The most important people in her life were suffering.  Her husband and children were constantly on pins and needles because she was always exhausted, which meant she was always “on the edge.”

She was always dragging at work.  She had just gotten a negative performance review and she said, “I can’t concentrate anymore.”

Everything was suffering because she wasn’t sleeping.

She had read every blog she could find on the internet.

She had changed her sleep hygiene practices.


Finally, she decided to book a consultation with me to see if I could help her with hypnosis.

After her first 50-minute session, she slept five hours straight for the first time in six months. After 4 sessions she was sleeping an average of 9 hours every night.

On our fourth session, she told me, “Everything changed when I started doing hypnosis.  You changed my life, William.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “I didn’t change your life.  You did.  I just showed you how to change it!”

And that is what I want to do for YOU!

I want to show you how sleep better hypnosis can help YOU.  I want to empower you to change your life!

What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to make sure that I can help you.  The best way to do that is to contact my assistant, Vicki Bowden, and schedule a 20-minute consultation.  That way, we can get to know each other and I can help make sure I can help you sleep better with hypnosis.  Once you tell me a little bit about your goals, I can give you a better estimate about what the next best step is to help you reach your goal.  Here is how to contact us:

Call us: 1-385-432-0729

Text us: 1-801-698-0752

Email us: [email protected]

Do You Want Information?

If you want more information, here are some links that will help.  If you don’t see your question answered feel free to reach out to my assistant, Vicki, at 1-801-698-0752.

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*William Wood offers non diagnostic services for personal and professional self improvement. If you need medical or psychological care, please contact your licensed medical doctor or pyschologist.