Are You Ready To Kick The Habit?

My quit smoking program uses much more than just hypnosis, but yes, hypnotherapy works VERY well for tobacco cessation.

Not that long ago, I had a young woman in her 20s come in to see me. While you may or may not relate to everything in this story, you know what it is like to want to quit and to have failed at every attempt.

She told me that she was LDS and that the only thing keeping her from being able to marry her husband in the LDS temple was her cigarette habit.  She said that this was her #1 goal in life and she had failed at every attempt to quit. Of course, she had started the habit at a very young age–around 10 years of age–and had tried everything to quit.

She said that she was tormented by her inability to quit and felt like she was failing herself and her husband.    Nothing had worked in the past, she was desperate and was “even willing to try hypnosis.”

We worked together during four sessions and she told me, after we finished “This is easier than it has ever been to quit.  I don’t believe how effective hypnosis is.  I would have done this a long time ago if I knew how well this worked.”  She has now been smoke free for months and has a temple date scheduled with her husband.

My standard stop smoking program is 3 sessions consisting of about four hours of changework, with the appointments spaced over one to two weeks.  I require pre-payment for the program and will reschedule, but do not offer refunds because I only want to work with people who are committed to the process of quitting.

I accept payment of cash, check or credit cards.  If you are unsure that you want to quit, I am happy to sit down with you for 15 minutes to get to know you and to answer any questions that you might have.  I also do my best to evaluate you for my program to make sure that there is a good fit.

During my standard smoking cessation program, during the first session I teach you how to do self hypnosis.  I also teach you to use an acupressure technique that will eliminate a craving for most people in less than two minutes.  I also make you a customized hypnosis recording that can be used during the first two weeks to a month to help reduce cravings on the days when you aren’t seeing me in my office.

William Wood


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