Energy Healing Utah

Energy Healing Utah

Are you looking for Energy Healing in Utah?

If you are, I can help.

My name is William Wood.  I started my helping career as a hypnotherapist in 2008.  And I still practice hypnosis in my office every day for clients, helping engineer powerful, lasting changes with my client’s subconscious minds.

After I became a hypnotist, I learned energy healing principles that leverage the body’s energy meridian system to release trapped emotional and thought energies from the body and mind.

Since then, I have been privileged to help thousands of clients one on one and in group sessions.  And I hope to be able to help you out now by helping you understand how these powerful energy healing principles can help YOU get the results that YOU want.

If I don’t answer your question today, feel free to text my assistant, Vicki Bowden, and schedule 20-minutes for us to chat. Vicki is pretty helpful and she can probably answer your question before we meet.  But if she can’t, a short consultation to get your questions answered is $25.

During our 20-minute consultation, I will do my best to assess your situation and let you know how I can help with these cutting-edge energy healing principles and techniques.

You can reach Vicki here (call or text): 1-801-698-0752

Energy Healing: Utah Services

Ever wondered what people use energy healing to help…

Good question.

Every client is different, and there are literally hundreds of different things I have applied the principles of energy healing to help resolve.  Here is a partial list of some things that my clients received help for with energy healing:

  • Stress
  • Procrastination
  • Money and Business Blocks
  • Anger
  • Childbirth Fears
  • Relationships Blocks
  • Pornography
  • Energetic Blocks Around Pain* (see below)
  • Pre- and Post- Surgery Fears
  • Academic Performance
  • Sports Performance
  • Grief
  • Communication Blocks
  • Lack of Self Love
  • Self Esteem
  • Chronic Stress and Fears
  • Specific Fears (Public Speaking, Flying, etc.)
  • Anxious States
  • Sad and Stuck States
  • Social Fears
  • Compulsions (fingernail biting, hair pulling, etc.)
  • Blocks to Inner Peace
  • Obsessive Thinking
  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Confidence
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Fears
  • Sleep Problems
  • Bad Habits
  • and MUCH More…

 A 20 Min Example of What I do

What Kind of Energy Healing Methodology Do You Use?

Let me do my best to tell you a little bit about one type of energy healing I do and how it can help you.


Today I am going to talk about the energy meridian system.


What Is The Energy Meridian System And How Can It Help You?

The energy meridian system is a system of 14 major energy pathways that flow through the body… 

(and another five that are beyond the scope of this article.)

Eleven of these energy pathways relate to the body’s organs:

  1. The Bladder
  2. The Gall Bladder
  3. The Stomach
  4. The Kidney
  5. The Liver
  6. The Spleen
  7. The Lungs
  8. The Large Intestine
  9. The Pericardium
  10. The Heart
  11. The Small Intestine

Three of these energy pathways act as energy reservoirs:

  1. The Governor Vessel
  2. The Conception Vessel
  3. The Triple Warmer

When You Are All Blocked Up…

When things are working right, thought and emotional energy naturally flow through these energy lines.

Sometimes things don’t work right.

When they don’t, thought energy or emotional energy stops flowing correctly through these lines.  Energy disruptions can form in the energy pathways related to the body’s organs, tissues or around the body in a subtle energy fields that I call “Thought Energy Fields” or “Emotion Energy Fields.”

When a thought or emotion energy field get stuck in or around the body, energy stops flowing there naturally.

Basically, stuck energy is bad and…

…Flowing energy is good.

You want things to flow!

The energy healing I do seeks to restore your body’s natural flow of energy through the meridian system.

Now let me clarify something…

…I am not saying that you should use energy healing alone to heal your physical or psychological problems.  

Energy healing is an adjunct to proper medical or psychological care.

In fact, energy healing can’t heal you.


Neither can I.  

I Do Not Have Magical Healing Powers

In fact, it is not even my job or my goal to heal you!

Your own body is built to heal itself when it is in energetic balance.

Your own mind is built to heal itself when it is in energetic balance.

And Your higher power can heal you.

But I cannot heal you.

Neither can any other form of energy healing.

Frankly NOTHING can heal you if your body and mind do not cooperate.

Imagine the doctor trying to help your body heal if the bone wouldn’t repair itself or if the immune system wouldn’t fight off the infection.

Nothing would work, if your body didn’t cooperate.

A body and mind in balance cooperates and unleashes its own healing abilities.

So I have a question…

…Are your body and mind cooperating with you now?

If not, you might have an energy blockage disrupting proper energy flow through one of your meridian lines.

And if you do…

…I can help you with that.

I will show you how to remove thought and emotional energy blockages.

My experience is that when your blocks are removed, often the body and mind will heal themselves.

When something prevents your energy from flowing the way it should, correcting the energetic blockages helps you quickly reboot your energy system and unlock your own natural healing potentials.

That means I show you how to balance your energy and get it flowing and…

YOUR BODY AND MIND do the rest!

What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to make sure that I can help you.  That means we need to schedule a 20-minute quit consultation in my Ogden, Utah, office.  The consultation costs $25. The best way to get on the schedule is to contact my assistant, Vicki Bowden, and schedule a 20 minute consultation

Call us: 1-385-432-0729

Text us: 1-801-698-0752

Email us: [email protected]

*I do not diagnose or treat pain.  See your licensed medical doctor for that.  I recommend that you continue care with your licensed medical doctor and follow her advice.  My services are an ADJUNCT to proper medical care. I use the energetic meridian system to release the stuck thought energy and emotional energy around pain, helping balance the body’s energies.