First, it is important to say that if what you are doing works, there is probably no reason to change or fix the strategy.  But if your strategy is not working, what’s stopping you from making the changes necessary for your success now?

There are several ways to change a strategy:

  1. Mental or hypnotic rehearsal
  2. Role Play
  3. Reframing
  4. Metaphor
  5. Anchoring

Some principles to consider when designing a strategy.

  1. How do you maintain the function of the strategy?
  2. How do you intervene in the strategy before the strategy goes haywire?
  3. Calibrate or test the strategy.
  4. Reframe or use submodalities on unpleasant feelings, internal images or negative self talk
  5. Delete unnecessary steps
  6. Make sure that the criteria are accessed sequentially and not simultaneously
  7. Make the least amount of change to get the change you want

There are two basic ways to redesign a strategy:

  1. Make up what you think might work.
  2. Model someone else who has a good strategy in the area you are trying to produce change in.

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