This is why most people never have the success they want…

In my opinion, motivation master Tony Robbins hit the nail on the head. And in this post I want to share with you five of the most important success principles that I have ever learned—ideas that can help you achieve your goals and dreams, if you are bold enough to apply them into your life.

The sad reality is that most people in the world are not creating the results that they want from life.  Their lives are miserable.  They are SLAVES to their past, to their circumstances and to other people who control them.   Many people don’t know what to do about it.  They are living in the Matrix and don’t know how to escape.  Some people have even woken up to the reality that things must change, but they don’t know what to do about it or have a systematic approach to change everything.

I get it.  I know what it is like to be stuck.

Just three years ago, I found some of my closest personal relationships in total ruins, my weight was climbing higher than it ever had been before and my business suddenly started to take a nose dive and I watched my income take a major hit, after years of steady and impressive growth.

What’s worse is that I should have known better.  I have been a success coach for years and when things were falling apart, I had helped thousands of people turn their lives around.  Truly.  I was good at what I did, one of the best, but I had stopped taking my own advice—ouch!

And so I found many of the things that mattered most in my own life swirling down a giant cosmic toilet bowl.  It seemed like most everything that mattered was falling apart fast…

Maybe you know what that is like.

At first, I didn’t want to admit that things were bad.  I had an ego (not helpful) and I didn’t want to ask for help.

“I am going to figure it out or die trying,” I said to myself.

Turns out I almost “died” trying to do it alone and finally my ego was beat into submission.

There is an ancient proverb that says that you can choose to be teachable or you can be compelled to be teachable.

I had to learn that lesson the hard way.  (That was painful and unnecessary I definitely recommend the easier path… )   What amazes me is that in the very instant I became open, now all of a sudden mentors started to appear out of the woodwork.

The results have been stunning. 

I first APPLIED these principles to my marriage was on the brink of disaster, if we were in school, we would have gotten a low F- at our lowest point.  Today, we would easily qualify for an A.

Next, I applied these principles to my health and last year I totally transformed my body.  I went from seriously overweight at 227.2 pounds to now weighing in less than I did my Freshman Year of college.  I shed more than 50 pounds and have kept it off.

Then I started to apply the principles to my business and immediately started to see results.  I have seen month over month increases in revenue and profits every month since I started applying these principles.

Last year I personally achieved more than 40 goals using the action principles that I am going to teach you, as you continue to read on.

Now I have to confess, I paid  more than ten thousand dollars and went through an incredible amount of pain to learn what I am going to share with you right now.

And here is my purpose: I want to unlock a door for you—a door of opportunity that has stayed closed until now.  Once you will step through this door, you will find an infinite ocean of possibilities arising.

WARNING!!!  You Might Not Want To Read This Now

I should warn you, what I am about to teach you is powerful  It has the potential to totally change your life.  If you are content with an average life and want things to basically stay the same as they are right now, I MUST WARN YOU—do not read this entire post to the end and apply what you learn with precision and focus.

Because if you dare to APPLY the principles that I am going to share with you now, you may unleash the creative powers of the universe to assist you in achieving your vision, your own heart may wake up and you may find a power inside of you to create results in your life that goes far beyond anything you have dreamed or imagined. 

So as you choose to read on now, remember, you have been warned.  You are now in danger of changing your life life and waking up to what is possible in life.

Action Principle #1: Cultivate Stillness and Silence In Your Life Daily

Real silence is something extremely intense, it has density and it is really alive.” 

—Anthony Bloom

Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise in modern living.  Everything competes for our attention and takes us away from the quiet and the stillness that is available to us right now.  But stillness will not attack you and silence will not just happen.  Both must be cultivated with care. 

Consistently, my most powerful vision and inspiration about how to create massive results in my life has come in moments of stillness and silence.

If you have never done this before, I recommend starting with an easy practice  Put away all of your electronics and turn your phone into airplane mode.  Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  If you live in a noisy environment, put on some soft music.  Invite your body to be as still as you can for five minutes.  Put your attention on your breath.  Stop focusing on doing for a moment and just be still.  Your mind will probably continue to chatter at you with images and self talk.  This is normal.  Stop resisting the images and chatter and just let it be while you focus in on your breath and the stillness.  Once you develop the ability to be still for five minutes at a time, increase the amount of time you spend in stillness and silence.

This practice will connect you with your true self and with the divine.  Amazing inspiration will come to you and it all starts with silence.  You may not notice the powerful transformation that occurs the first time you practice this kind of stillness, but most people begin to notice a stunning change after a month or two of practice.

When I started I was agitated. I was not used to being still, but with time, my ability to enjoy the silence and stillness grew and my personal power exponentially increased.  People who knew me started to comment that I seemed more grounded and stable.

It became easier to show love and access peace, which I believe are two of the states of being that are most attractive.  Cultivating silence and stillness will aligns your core and creates a powerful gravitational force around you that draws people into you, like the planets are drawn to the Sun and like the galaxy revolves around a powerful gravitational core.

Many of my most powerful personal transformations has come from this one practice.  After I had practiced daily for more than two years, my wife paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever received.

She said, “I have always loved you, but I was constantly on edge around you.  I just noticed this morning that it has been months since I have felt that way.  You have changed.”

Now, people consistently tell me that they feel calm and at peace in my presence.  That kind of presence can only come through a careful cultivation of stillness and silence.

Action Principle #2: Stop Blaming Others And Start Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Life… Now.

Blame is like gangrene to your personal power and eats away your ability to create the life you want.  Break off the shackles of mediocrity and throw off the chains of the weak.  Stand tall and reclaim your personal power.

You always produce results.  Period.  You can’t avoid it.  Every thought you think has an energy.  Every word you speak produces fruit.  Every action planted reaps a harvest.  Apple seeds produce apple trees.  Cherry seeds produce cherry trees.  Every thought, word and action has a consequence and bears fruit after its kind.  The results you have created in your life up until now are a direct result of what you have done with what you were given.

Even if your circumstances have been less than favorable in the past, even if you have squandered your own ability to stand up, choose, and take meaningful action in the past, you can decide right now to act differently.  You are not bound to the past.  What happened yesterday was the last chapter in your life.  Today is a new day and this moment in time is under your control.  So when the storms of life sweep you up into the howling winds of stress and pain, you have the ability to choose your thoughts and you can act in a meaningful way.

Action Principle #3: Focus.  Find One Area of Your Life To Change And Decide To Focus and Change Now.

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

—Alexander Graham Bell

When people are looking for personal change, they typically are looking to improve one of four areas of their lives: health, relationships, finances or time.  Sometimes people want to improve them all at once. 

My experience in my own life has been that it is generally much easier to focus all of your efforts on transforming one area of your life than it is to dilute your passion, energy and focus by trying to accomplish too much at once. 

While I have long since lost the reference, I remember looking at goal research that compared people who had between one and ten goals at a time.  The results of the study were stunning.  Almost everyone who had one well formed goal achieved it.  Those that had more than four goals at a time achieved almost nothing.

You can change every area of your life…

Just not all at once.

So choose the one area you are going to change now and pour all of your motivation, energy and focus into that one thing day after day until it has changed.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you focus.

Action Principle #4: Surround Yourself With People Who Are Creating Results!

A fire stays hotter and burns brighter when it is surrounded has  to burn.  Remove the oxygen from the fire and it will instantly die.  Oxygen is to fire as motivated people are to you and I.  Simply put, we will both achieve more when we surround ourselves with other people who are creating results and inspiring others to do the same.

100 years ago this was much harder to do.  Today, modern technology has made the world a very small place.  Here are a few ways to start.

You can start to surround yourself with powerful people instantly by exposing yourself to the thinking of the worlds elite.  Remember thoughts create emotion and action.  Choose to put new thoughts in your mind and you will create new results in your life immediately.

-Read from a powerful book or subscribe to a blog about the area of your life you want to transform for a few minutes every day.  The greatest minds in the world can become your best friend and all it takes is a library card or an internet connection to get there.

-Listen to inspirational audio every day.  Right now, I spend between 30 minutes and an hour a day minimum listening to people who are farther along life’s path than I am in relationships, spirituality, finance, etc.  Belief creates results and you can increase your belief by spending time listening to people who speak life into to you.

-Attend events and conference and groups where motivated people hang out.  Over the years, I have invested more than $100,000 into my own continuing education and personal development.  Every penny I have spent has paid dividends.  I both teach and attend seminars regularly.  Half of the value I get from a seminar or a weekend event comes by preparing to teach or by absorbing the ideas that are taught in the class.  The other half of the value I get comes from meeting like minded people and cultivating relationships with other people who are going places, doing things and teaching others to do the same.

It only takes one idea to change your life.


Meeting the right person at the right time can open the door for a lifetime of miracles.

Action Principle #5: Find Mentors To Guide You

Here is the greatest shortcut to getting results: find people who have achieved the results you want and model what they did to get there and you’ll achieve similar results—sometimes faster than they did, because they blazed the trail for you to follow.

Mentors are critical.  A good mentor can save you years of struggle, pain and frustration.  Whatever it costs in time, money, effort and energy to be around a good mentor has always paid me back WAY more than it cost me.

A mentor doesn’t have to be some kind of guru, just someone who has gotten a specific result that you want in life and be a little farther ahead.  I currently have two main money and lifestyle mentors.  Both have accomplished amazing results and I go out of my way to be around them.  I also have several spiritual mentors and relationship mentors. 

Nothing brings me more joy than mentoring people to get results and introducing people to my mentors.  Over the years, I have been able to mentor more than 1,000 people individually and more than 5,000 people in groups and my audio programs have reached thousands of individuals in 64 countries around the world. 

I am passionate about what I do.  I love to watch the lights come on in a student’s eye as they wake up to their own greatness.  The only thing better is when people I mentor turn around and light a fire in someone else. 

My vision is to train an army of people to mentor others and help people unlock their own greatness.  Together, we can lead the world into light and greatness because the world is ready for change!  The world need compassionate and caring leaders who have the skills to produce dramatic change in the world around them.  Together we can do more than any one of us can do alone!

Are You Ready To Change?

Right now, I am creating a small “case group” of students to personally mentor and work with closely over the next 90 days.  This is not a group for people who hope that success will magically attack them. 

This group  is for people who are ready to TAKE ACTION and GET RESULTS!  Over the course of the next 90 days, not only will I be personally mentoring you, but I will also help you connect to other people who are going places.

If during the program, you take action and qualify, I will even introduce you to one of the most powerful money mentors you could hope to meet.

It only takes one person to open a door for you that will change your destiny forever.

This group is ONLY for people who are coachable and hungry for change.  You must be ready to take responsibility for your own goals, invest in yourself and your dreams and take massive action to break through to success to let YOUR light shine.

Are you ready to step up and take action now?  Remember…

If you really want to do something, you will find a way.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

—Jim Rohn

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