Over the phone, I have to rely on your verbal feedback for confirmation of hypnosis. So you essentially tell me how you are feeling. For example, I might ask, “If ten represents the deepest state of hypnosis you can imagine, do you feel deeper than a three?” Although many people go deeper and surprise themselves, for most of what we will do together, you don’t need more than a two out of ten in terms of subjective hypnotic depth, which almost everyone can accomplish on a first session, even over the phone! In short, to make lasting hypnotic changes, hypnotic depth is relatively unimportant.

William Wood

William Wood is a hypnotherapist, professional coach, and international trainer. Will has helped thousands of clients all over the United States, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Peru create powerful personal transformation. William sees clients in Ogden, Utah, and over Skype. If you would like to book a consultation with William, or invite him to speak at your next event, you can contact me here:

William.Wood@NorthernUtahHypnosis.com or 801-203-3405 (please leave a message)

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