Learning to observe people more closely can pay great dividends.  If you have a minute, I want you do play a quick game with a friend.  First, have the person think of a person that they don’t like.  Watch their eyes, the tilt of their head, their body posture.  Notice if there is a change in their body posture or the tilt of their head.  Notice any micromovements in their face or their eyes.  Are their pupils dilated or contracted?  Is their mouth pursed or relaxed?  Was there a change in their skin tones, eg did they blush or blanch white?  Ask them to clear their mind and then have them think of someone that they really like a lot.   Notice the changes to their body posture, skin color, eye dilation, etc.

What were the differences that you observed?  Now ask your friend to think of one of the two people that they had previously imagined, but don’t have them tell you which one.  See if you can guess which of the two friends they were thinking about based on your observation alone.

The reason we want to use sensory acuity to increase our powers of observation is because there is a wealth of information passing us by every day that we never notice.  Imagine how increased powers of observation could help you at work with you coworkers or clients?  Imagine how it could help you at home with your spouse.  I had a friend who cut her brown hair to shoulder length and died it blonde, just to see if her husband was paying attention.

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