It Turns Out This Is Not True…

I used to think that you had to be some sort of perfect “demi-god” to earn a lot of money, someone who had everything in life figured out. This belief stayed with me for quite some time, until I started meeting a lot rich people, and I realized, “Man these people are more ‘messed up’ than I am.”

Clearly these people don’t have everything figured out… Just the principles that govern money.

I was in church about a week ago and someone said, “Why are there so many evil rich people when I am doing what God wants and I can barely make ends meet?”

I used to think like that.

But I believe something different now.

Notice that kind of thinking subtly blames God for punishing you with poverty.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like God has better things to do than to mess with your bank account—especially if you are “righteous.”

I do believe that all results in life are governed by universal principles.

We reap the natural fruits of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

It Is The Law Of Cause And Effect.

Every seed bears fruit after its own kind. Apple seeds create apple trees and cherry seeds produce cherry trees and acorns produce oak trees.

These “so called” wicked people might not have figured out how to live another principle governing “spiritual peace,” or “family harmony” (although many certainly have) but they seem to have figured out the principles of supply and demand!

To use the language of my friend in church, the wealthy man is “righteous” in regards to wealth, just like my friend is “righteous” in regards to spiritual peace.

Although my friend MAY have been obeying the principles that govern peace, he had not yet mastered the laws that govern money.

What does that mean?

My friend was reaping the natural consequences of spiritual peace because he was obeying a few basic principles that govern spiritual peace, but he was not obeying the principles that govern money, so he was bearing the natural consequences of his money “wickedness”

Obey the principles that govern wealth and you will be wealthy.

I have some bad news. God isn’t to blame for your money problems.

You are.

To Prosper, You Have To Obey The Laws That Govern Money.

You can turn your money life around by leaving behind your old “wicked” money ways and start living the principles that govern wealth.

I used to think that if you were overweight—and I used to be overweight—you couldn’t lose your weight until you got over your emotional stuff…all of it. I picked up that old limiting belief from a former hypnotherapy instructor, a good man who was well intentioned and mistaken.

After I held that belief for some time, I started to observe the world around me more carefully. Do you know how many skinny people out there skill have TONS of emotional baggage?

More than I can count!

Does that mean that letting go of toxic emotions isn’t helpful in the process of right-sizing your body?

Of course it is helpful—but not always necessary.

Skinny people have simply mastered a few principles that govern their weight. Their bodies respond to their obedience to these principles.

Every seed bears fruit according to its kind.

You don’t have to be perfect and have every aspect of life together to start changing your income or your weight—or anything else, for that matter!

You can start by choosing to master one principle.


And the first principle can make a difference!

You will still be imperfect when you start getting results, so you might as well start today. Thank goodness, because none of us is perfect! I know I am not.

All Change Starts With A DECISION!

And you can choose to change now!

What I have just shared with you is both good and bad news.

If you really pay attention to what I am saying, it will shake up your entire world.

Here is what I am really saying: “Your problem is usually not ‘out there’ somewhere.”

Your problem is an inside job—it is inside your mind and your heart.

You may have thought that the problem was with the economy; you may have thought the problem was with your spouse or partner; you may have thought the problem was with your kids; you thought the problem was with the government; you thought the problem was with the policy. Certainly all of those things are imperfect and could be improved. Everything in this life is imperfect. Everything. But that is not the real problem.

Let’s take an example from politics for a minute. Imagine a politician did something I didn’t like, not something heinous that would directly threaten to kill my family, just something I wasn’t happy about.

If I wasn’t careful, I might get upset for the next two or three days.

So here is the question. What would the true source of my upset be? Would it the politician? No. It could not be. The politician was “out there” and my upset was inside me.

The politician is simply acting as a mirror to expose the anger that already lives in me.

“Money Is Not The Problem, You Are The Problem!”

That is the bad news…

If I feel anxiety, then my anxiety is in me. It is mine. I cannot blame you or any other human being for it.

You may feel stress when you talk with your boss, but your stress does not belong to your boss. It belongs to YOU.

Here is the bad news: when you’re melting down, your melt down is not “out there” somewhere.

This bad news is also the good news.

And here is the good news: your problems are not “out there.” Your problems are inside. Now, when the sandwiches aren’t made just right and your frustration comes out, you can say, “thank you, sandwiches.”

Thank you for being a mirror to expose the frustration that lives in me.”

Next time one of your kids do something to make you feel worthless, you can say, “Thank you for exposing the worthlessness that was already there inside of me.” The situation becomes an opportunity to grow and change.

If you don’t feel worthless and somebody tries to make you feel worthless, what happens?


So if you are mistreated and calm on the inside, before you walk away from the situation, you might think, “That’s weird!” But there is no worthlessness in you, so nothing is stirred up, emotionally.

Life Is So Much Easier When Your Inside World Is Calm And Centered When The Outside World Goes Crazy.

When the same difficult person shows up in your life over and over again, as a co-worker, as an employee, as a spouse or lover—the same person with a different name; the same personality that drives you nuts. In my opinion, this person keeps showing up because God is inviting you over and over again to learn to choose love. This can be a hard to do and we have all struggled with this from time to time. I know I have.

Speaking from experience, as soon as you learn to love the person who once drove you crazy—the one who truly hurt you—when you truly and deeply forgive that person and let go, suddenly that person doesn’t show up in your life anymore—at least not in the same way.

If the person shows up at all, he shows up in very, very different way and you react differently. Because you have now changed, the world around you changes too.

Some of you teach classes and there is that one person that drives you crazy, isn’t there?

It’s the universe, it’s God, it’s your unconscious mind, attracting the person who needs to teach you the lesson you need before you move to the next level in life.


There is this story that I read in a book by Anthony Bloom, “Beginning to Pray.” In the book, he tells the story of a monk who had a real anger problem.

“Take This Away From Me…”

One day, the monk finally prays, “God, take my anger away.” No sooner does the monk stop praying than the person who most angers him starts to pester him, and the monk blows explodes with anger.

Almost immediately, another man who had never bothered the monk before now starts irritating the monk. Four times in less than an hour, the monk totally loses it: anger and rage!

So the monk starts to pray again: “God, I thought I told you to take this this away from me!” Then the monk heard this message come to his mind: “I am helping you. That is why I have been sending you opportunities to change all morning.”

People are a mirror that reflect back what is inside of you. Money is just another mirror that reflects back all of your anger and hate and frustration—or whatever else is already inside of you. But those emotions can’t be in the money itself. Money is just paper—or zeros and ones inside a computer! How can zeros and ones make you angry, sad or defeated?

The next time you get angry or frustrated or sad over money, say out loud, “Thank you! I see my reflection and I am now ready to change.”

Sometimes, when we finally realize what we are seeing in the mirror of money, we realize we need some help to move past those old limitations. That is where mentors come in. Mentors help you get results more quickly and show you the detours to avoid, the detours that add pain and delay in achieving your results.

Mentors Save You Time, Pain And Money

Every minute I have spent with a mentor, it has saved me countless hours of struggle and pain. Recently, one mentoring visit alone helped me break through a problem I had been facing for years. In the end, avoiding a good mentor when we most need help is the surest way to stay stuck.

As you have read today’s post, have you identified something that you want to change? If so, you have at least three choices:

  1. Do nothing. Not every problem is worth changing and you might be OK with whatever the mirror of life is exposing in you.
  2. You can try and change on your own. Some people actually want to figure things out on their own and know exactly what they need to do to change. If that is you, then spend some time today putting your personal battle plan together.
  3. You can apply to mentored or coached by me.  Contact the office at 385-432-0729

This mastermind is not for everyone. It is only for motivated people who are coachable and willing to take action, learn from me and my mentors and invest in themselves by spending the time and money it takes to get the results you want in life.

If you are not sure this money and abundance mastermind is for you, I look forward to seeing you back on the blog. For those of you who are ready to take the next step in life, finish the three steps above and then I look forward to working with you and helping you engineer the breakthrough you have been wanting all along.