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Revealing The Truth About Hypnosis: Announcing World Hypnotism Day

Information Presented by William Wood, one of Utah’s Leading Certified Hypnotists, of Northern Utah Hypnosis Center

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Hypnosis is shrouded in mystery.  The word hypnosis conjures up images of men with hard, unyielding, wide-eyed gazes and spirals of mysticism.  According to Certified Hypnotist William Wood, the truth lies far from the stereotypes.

Hypnosis Specialist William Wood explains, “January 4th, 2013, is World Hypnotism Day. The goal of this day is to eliminate the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and to teach people the truth about hypnotism.”

Wood continues, “Hypnosis for personal self improvement is very different than hypnosis for entertainment–what you see on TV or at a high school party.  I often tell people that there is a higher calling in life than to get people to bark like a dog.  My mission is to help the average person improve his or her life for the better.”

Wood states, “Hypnosis for self improvement helps people break bad habits, quit smoking, lose weight and much more.  I literally see incredible transformations in my office every day I go to work.  I feel honored to help people change their lives for the better.”

William Wood of Northern Utah Hypnosis Center regularly works with smoking cessation, weight loss, resolving fears, breaking habits, relieving stress, and improving sleep. William Wood also helps people with the medical and dental applications of hypnosis, after receiving a referral from a licensed medical doctor or dentist.

Mike Riter of Brigham City discusses his experience with the success of hypnosis for smoking cessation.

“After repeated attempts to quit smoking, I had resigned myself to the fact that quitting was impossible, at least for me. I had quit so many times I had become an ‘expert’ at it. I was motivated to quit, but lacked the tools to do so. This is where hypnosis came in.

“Will gave me those tools, showed me how to use them, and a support system to make it happen. My biggest question was ‘How does hypnosis work?’ as I had no experience with it, and wasn’t even sure if it would work, but figured I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

“You must be committed to the idea of being smoke free. That’s all it took to make it work. Now I can breathe, which allows me to exercise, which keeps my weight at a healthy level, which lowers my blood pressure and so on.

“Being smoke free is the first step to breaking the addiction chain, and achieving other health goals. And deciding to look into hypnotherapy was the first step to getting started. Will Wood was committed to my success. Checking in with me, and vice versa until I was smoke free.”

Hypnosis has been used for more than two hundred years and has been studied for a number of medical and dental applications, under the supervision of licensed medical doctors and dentists.  Stanford University has performed a number of studies on hypnosis and pain control.  In Europe, hypnosis has been studied to help women overcome fertility challenges, as an adjunct to medical fertility treatments.  Hypnosis has also been used to help people find relief from irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and migraine headaches.

In 1992, a meta-analysis published in the Journal of Applied Psychology reviewing more than 600 studies with 72,000 individuals who participated in tobacco cessation trials. According to the 1992 report, hypnosis was, on average, three times as effective as the patch and fifteen times as effective as simply deciding to quit cold turkey.

Wood explains, “Your subconscious mind is a powerful ally in making personal change.  So often, I see people try to force a change with sheer willpower.  Take New Year’s resolutions as an example.  The first three or four days of the New Year’s resolutions go really well as you try to overpower your old patterns and then the gravity of habit takes over and you are right back where you started, or worse.”

Wood explains, “Hypnotism effectively harnesses the raw power of your subconscious to create desired change so that your New Year’s Resolutions are achieved more easily and quickly than before.  While hypnosis doesn’t replace your decision to change or the need to have a game plan to achieve your goal, hypnosis does grease the wheels of change, helping you achieve your goals faster and easier.  For many people, hypnosis is the easy way to keep that New Year’s resolution.”

William Wood is a certified hypnotist at Northern Utah Hypnosis Center, located in Ogden, Utah.  He also helps clients change via phone sessions or Skype sessions.  William provides hypnosis for those who want help overcoming fears, losing weight, reducing stress, sleeping better and stopping smoking. You can call his office at 385-432-0729.