Stop Smoking Hypnosis Utah

Do you want to know how stop smoking hypnosis works?

Let me give you a quick overview…

There are two parts of your mind: your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Most people already know how to harness the power of the conscious mind.  Your conscious mind is the home of your logic, reason and willpower.  Your conscious mind represents about 10 percent of your total mind power.

Your conscious mind is REALLY important when you are stopping smoking because all change starts with a decision…

…But your conscious mind decision is not enough to make change last!

You need to use your subconscious mind — the 90 percent of your mind that counts —  if you want your decision to stick!

Using Both YOUR Conscious AND Subconscious Minds With Stop Smoking Hypnosis!

To maximize your success when you decide to stop smoking, you need to use all the combined powers of your conscious AND your subconscious mind.

First, you need to make a CONSCIOUS decision to stop smoking. Nothing will replace your need to consciously decide, to really decide to quit, to take all-out massive action.

When you’re really ready to draw a line with your smoking habit and defend that decision no matter what, then you need to harness the power of your WHOLE mind: and that means harnessing the full power of your subconscious mind.

It Is Not Your Fault, No One Ever Taught You How…

The problem is that no one has ever taught you how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind.  And when you try to change a habit without updating the programming of the subconscious mind, you end up fighting ALL of your old habits and programming!

That means that most people who try to quit the hard way spend most of their time fighting and struggling… and that is why they never succeed.

They FIGHT their automatic habits.

They FIGHT their old triggers.

They FIGHT their old beliefs.

They FIGHT their old programming.

They STRUGGLE more than they need to STRUGGLE because their subconscious mind isn’t on board with their new decision.

Maybe you know what that is like to struggle needlessly.

How To Do Things The Easy Way…

Experts estimate that the subconscious mind represents about 90 percent of all of your mental resources. So trying to quit without your subconscious mind on board is like fighting the current heavyweight boxing champion with both your arms tied behind your back while blindfolded!

Without bringing your subconscious mind on board, stopping smoking is hard.

Hypnosis helps you unleash the power of your subconscious mind and that makes it easier than ever to stop smoking!

That is why one recent client said this after his fourth hypnosis session:

“I still had a few minor cravings here and there.  I had to work at quitting, but this time it was way easier to stop smoking than it had ever been before. I would have used hypnosis a long time ago to stop smoking if I had known it would help this much.”

How Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis helps you get your subconscious mind on board.  Hypnosis unleashes the other 90 percent of your mind.  Hypnosis is the easy way to quit smoking.

Hypnosis helps you CHANGE your automatic habits

Hypnosis helps you ELIMINATE old triggers.

Hypnosis helps you REDUCE your cravings.

Hypnosis helps you UPDATE your old beliefs.

Hypnosis REPROGRAMS your subconscious mind to make it your biggest ally instead of your biggest foe!

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What Is The Next Step?

The next step is to book a consultation to make sure that I can help you.  That means we spend 20-minute quit talking in my Ogden, Utah, office.  The consultation costs $25.  The best way to get on the schedule is to contact my assistant, Vicki Bowden, and schedule a 20 minute consultation, so I can learn a little more about you and how to help you quit tobacco!

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