Pssst… Hey, YOU…Wanna Feel Weird?

You probably found this page either because you have been wondering what weird things happen to people when they get hypnotized…

Or you are secretly hoping that you can find something on this page to help you feel weird.

Well… you are in luck!

Because I am going to do my best to answer both of your questions and help you feel weird 😉

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“What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you to do with hypnosis?”

Sometimes a client will ask me this question: “What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you to do with hypnosis?”


I could write a book… just on weird hypnosis sessions.

When you do a lot of sessions, you have a lot of material to draw from…

I have done about 18,000 hypnosis sessions since 2009.  And in that time, I have had clients ask me for help with lots of strange things.

My general rule of thumb is that if it is honest, ethical, legal moral, and I can help my client meet some deep need or satisfy a curiosity AND keep him safe, I am probably open to help my client explore the powers of their own mind.

So here is a short list of weird things people have asked me for:

  • Question: Can you make me bark like a dog?
    • Answer: “Usually, yes.  Do you want to pay me my hourly rate just to bark like a dog?”
    • Sometimes the client’s answer to that question has been, “Yes, and will you video it for me on my phone?”
  • Question: Can you hypnotize me to forget my name?
    • Answer: “Yep. If you want, you can probably be hypnotized to forget your phone number too… is there anything else you want to accomplish during our session.”
  • Question: Can you hypnotize me so that my body gets all stiff and rigid like a board?  Will you balance my head on a chair and my feet on another chair?
    • Answer: “Yes I CAN, but that probably isn’t safe for your neck, so I don’t recommend doing it that way. We could suspend your shoulders and feet between chairs however, as long as you bring someone with you to take pictures and help lift you into place to keep you safe.”

You might be reading this and asking yourself, “People actually have paid you to do those things?”

The answer is YES…

If someone REALLY wants the experience and I felt like it would help them in some way.

But what kind of WEIRD do most people want?

Most people want to experience something truly weird — especially for them.

People want to feel better.

  • My clients are sick and tired of their fear.
  • “I don’t want to feel crappy anymore,” another client said.
  • I want to break my bad habit.
  • I just want to be “me” again.
  • etc.

If you are like me, the first time you started thinking about being hypnotized, you had a goal in mind that you had tried to solve in other ways…

and you had failed.

Then, you started looking outside the box of normal solutions — that’s when you ran into hypnosis.

You probably have a specific goal in mind.

And you want help.

That is what I love to do.

I love to help people to reach their goals and to feel good.

But first I need to warn you…

The most common side effect of hypnosis is…

Hypnosis feels awesome.


It is nature’s natural “feel good” state.

And people want to make it a part of their daily life.

That is why I often make hypnosis recordings for my clients.

Let me help you feel weird…

In fact, if you text my assistant Vicki, we would be happy to send you a hypnosis recording or two for FREE!

Just so you can feel the good kinda weird 🙂

Text Vicki here: 1-801-698-0752

And as you listen, just imagine being in my office, closing your eyes and …

Feel good.

Other kinds of weird feelings…

Since hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind, unpleasant side effects are fairly rare.

In fact, the most common comment that clients make after a session is this: “Wow!  If I had know that hypnosis felt so good, I would have been doing hypnosis for years!”

Common hypnotic side effects tend to be related to the rest and relax response.

That means people feel REALLY good!

For example, one client might experience her heart rate slowing down, her blood pressure reducing, or might perceive time speeding up or slowing down.

Because you can REALLY relax deeply in hypnosis, I generally recommend that you do not stand up too quickly immediately after your hypnosis session to minimize any dizziness or, in rare cases, a headache.

Generally speaking, as long as you give yourself several minutes after hypnosis to transition back from your pleasant hypnotic trance, unwanted after effects are incredibly rare.

Sometimes, after you make a really profound change, there can be a hypnotic afterglow that lasts up to several hours after you finish your session.  Most clients report this to be a pleasant or even a euphoric state.

While the brain is integrating change at the deepest level after a session, some clients may notice a few minutes of pleasant foggy thinking or perhaps a powerful sense of well being or euphoria that lasts for several hours.

Most of my clients report feeling fantastic when they finish hypnosis — better than they have felt in years!  And most people are ready to go back about their day within two to three minutes of emerging from trance.

Still have questions?

This page answers most of the common questions people have asked me over the years about hypnosis: What Is Hypnosis And How Does It Work?

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