Hypnosis Is Used To Solve Many Problems

At one point, I used to hand out a worksheet that had 156 uses for hypnosis.  There are many potential uses for hypnotism.  Let me list several here.  Because I am not a medical doctor or psychologist, some of these services require a medical, dental, mental health, or chiropractic referral, depending on the nature of the condition and the origin of the symptom *.  Any of these conditions MIGHT require a referral.  The ones with an * may require a referral, but you can contact our office for more details.
·         Break a bad habit
·         Relieve stress
·         Stop smoking
·         Eliminate cravings
·         Lose Weight
·        Conquer fears (public speaking, fear of flying, etc)
·        Increase confidence
·        Overcome pornography
·         Prepare for childbirth or surgery (*referral may be required)
·         Increase motivation
·         Reduce chronic pain *
·         Reduce IBS symptoms *
·         Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) *
·         Trichotillomania (pulling out of the hair)*
·         Reduce anxiety (* referral may be required if a clinical condition exists)
·         Control anger
·         Enhance sports performance
·         Allergies or sensitivities*
·         Panic attacks*
·         Migrane headaches*
·         OCD symptoms*
·         Bruxism* (teeth grinding/jaw clenching)
·         Insomnia or sleep problems (referral may be required)*
·         Eliminating emotional issues from the past (Referral may be required)*
·         PTSD symptom reduction*
·         Eliminating old grief or loss (generally two years old or older)
·         Goal setting
·         Increase the results of fertility treatments*
·         Increase concentration
·         Help stroke victims regain some control/function*
·         Improve test anxiety
·         Improve spelling or math through hypnotic strategy change
·         Eliminate nightmares

All my services are non-diagnostic and are not intended as a replacement for any medical or mental health treatment.  Any client that has a diagnosed medical or mental health condition will not be seen for that condition until a written referral has been obtained from their medical doctor or mental health counselor.


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